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Bullying Policy

Bullying Prevention & Intervention Plan

Below, you will find the Southbridge Public Schools Bullying & Intervention Plan by chapter. For a printable version of the whole document, click here.

I. Introduction
The Southbridge Public Schools has a commitment to enhancing and sustaining a safe and healthy learning environment for all. As such...(Read more here.)
II. Prohibition Against Bullying & Retaliation
Bullying, cyberbullying, and retaliation are prohibited on school grounds, property immediately adjacent to school grounds...(Read more here)
III. Leadership
District and school leadership at all levels in the Southbridge Public Schools will play a critical role in the ongoing development...(Read more here.)
IV. Definitions
Aggressor/Perpetrator: One or more students or a member of the school staff including, but not limited...(Read more here).
V. Procedures for Reporting & Investigating Bullying & Retaliation
It is the responsibility of the School Administration and Principals to make clear to ...(Read more here)
VI. Resources & Support Services
A. In District Resources and Support Services. A key aspect of promoting positive school climates is...(Read more here.)
VII. Introductional Services
The ultimate goal of the Southbridge Public Schools is to prevent bullying from happening. Instructional activities will focus on...(Read more here)
VIII. Professional Development & Training
The goal of professional development and staff training programs are to establish a common understanding of ...(Read more here.)
IX. Communication & Collaboration with Families
Clear communication and consistent collaboration with staff, students, families, and community partners...(Read more here.)
X. Relationship to Other Local, State, and National Policies & Laws
A. Relationship to non-discrimination laws: Consistent with State and Federal laws, and the policies of the school or... (Read more here).
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