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District Leadership Team


Central Office

Jeffrey Villar, Ph.D.


Deputy Superintendent


Seth Racine

Business Manager






Paula Talty, Ed.D.

Assistant to the Receiver

for Curriculum

Jonathan Parent

Director of



Kathleen Seifert

Director of Elementary Education 






Maureen  Gullekson

Chief of Staff

Karen Giangregorio

Director of

Student Services



Eastford Road School

Mary Skrzypczak


Marilyn Stella

Assistant Principal


Charlton Street School

Judy Maisonet


Raymond Cooper

Assistant Principal




West Street School

Joanne Wilson


Katelin Jacobs

Assistant Principal


Southbridge Academy

Desiree Chumsantivut, Psy.D.


Tiffany Greaney

Assistant Principal 


Southbridge Middle High School

Jeffrey House

Principal, Southbridge Middle School

Aaron Couture

Secondary Supervisor of Student Support

Sarah Houle

Assistant Principal,

7th Grade




Donna Zanelli

Associate Principal, Southbridge High School

Margo Ferrick

Deputy Superintendent, Southbridge Public Schools &

Interim Principal, Southbridge High School

Dawn Micco

Director of





Kristen Beckford

Assistant Principal,

6th Grade

Jabián Gutiérrez

Assistant Principal,

8th Grade

Amanda Miser

Assistant Principal,

9th - 12th Grades


Southbridge Public Schools 

Central Office

132 Torrey Road

Southbridge, MA 01550



Southbridge High School

132 Torrey Road

tel: 508-764-5450 fax: 774-318-1687


Eastford Road School

120 Eastford Road

tel: 508-764-5460 fax: 508-764-5495


Southbridge Middle School

132 Torrey Road

tel: 508-764-5450 fax: 774-318-1684


West Street Elementary School

156 West Street

tel: 508-764-5470 fax: 508-764-5493


Southbridge Academy

25 Cole Avenue

tel: 508-764-5415 ext. 405


Charlton Street Elementary School

220 Charlton Street

tel: 508-764-5475 fax: 508-764-5491

Equal Opportunity Employer Statement

Southbridge Public Schools is committed to maintaining a work and learning environment free from discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, gender identity, disability, religion, age, or sexual orientation.

Title IX Compliance Officer - Dr. Margo Ferrick, 132 Torrey Road, (508) 764-5415 ext. 416

Section 504 Compliance Officer - Karen Giangregorio, 25 Cole Avenue, (508) 764-5414 ext. 418