Southbridge Public Schools Employees Show Generosity of Spirit at The Annual Festival of Giving Tree

Southbridge Public Schools Employees Show Generosity of Spirit at The Annual Festival of Giving Trees

Schools, clubs, and other groups in Southbridge Public Schools recently contributed both decorated trees and raffle items to the annual Festival of Giving Trees. Pictured here are some of the items that were donated to celebrate a local generosity of spirit!

Eastford Road School

Teachers, staff, and others at Eastford Road School came together to donate these two fully-stocked toy boxes as a raffle item at The Festival of Giving Trees. Leaders at Eastford Road School would like to thank everyone who donated items to contribute to these boxes!

Charlton Street School

Charlton Street School donated a tree to the Festival of Giving Trees with donations from staff at the school. The Charlton Street School tree this year honors 2nd grade teacher Melyssa Cournoyer, who fought cancer and recently learned that she was cancer-free. Congratulations, Melyssa!

West Street School

West Street School donated a beautifully decorated tree to the Festival of Giving Trees, pictured here. The tree topper is the "West Street Wildcats" logo.

Southbridge High School

Southbridge High School seniors Angelica, Anjum, Charlie, Bennard, and Josue helped set up the SHS School Spirit Tree on behalf of the SHS Student Council and National Honor Society.

Southbridge Academy

Southbridge Academy contributed a tree to the Festival of Giving Trees titled "A Thousand Origami."

We hope to see you at the Festival of Giving Trees events!

Los empleados de la Escuelas Públicas de Southbridge muestran generosidad de espíritu en el festival anual de entrega de árboles

Las escuelas, clubs y otros grupos en las Escuelas Públicas de Southbridge recientemente contribuyeron con árboles decorados y artículos de rifa al Festival de Arboles Donados (Festival of Giving Trees). ¡Aquí se muestran algunos de los artículos que fueron donados para celebrar una generosidad de espíritu local!

Eastford Road School

Los maestros, el personal y otros en la Escuela Eastford Road se unieron para donar estas dos cajas de juguetes completamente surtidas como un objeto de rifa en el Festival de Arboles Donados este año (The Festival of Giving Trees). ¡Los líderes de Eastford Road School desean agradecer a todos los que donaron artículos para contribuir a estas cajas de juguetes!

Charlton Street School

Charlton Street School donó un árbol al Festival de Arboles Donados (The Festival of Giving Trees) con donaciones del personal de la escuela. El árbol de la escuela Charlton Street este año honra a la maestra de segundo grado Melyssa Cournoyer, que luchó contra el cáncer y que recientemente se enteró de que no tenía cáncer. ¡Felicidades, Melyssa!

West Street School

La escuela West Street donó un árbol bellamente decorado al Festival de donacion de arbol (Festival of Giving Trees), en la foto. El adorno del árbol es el logo de "West Street Wildcats."

Southbridge High School

Los alumnos de último año de la Escuela Superior de Southbridge, Angélica, Anjum, Charlie, Bennard, y Josue, ayudaron a establecer el Árbol Espiritual de la Escuela SHS en nombre del Consejo Estudiantil SHS y la Sociedad Nacional de Honor.

Southbridge Academy

Southbridge Academy contribuyó con un árbol para el Festival de Donacion de Arboles (Festival of Giving Trees) titulado "A Thousand Origami."

¡Esperamos verte en los eventos del Festival de Arboles Donados (Festival Giving Trees)!


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