Southbridge Schools 21st Century After School Program Coordinator Wins Diversity & Inclusion Awa

Southbridge Public Schools would like to congratulate Jasmin Rivas, District Coordinator for the district's 21st Century after-school program. Rivas recently won the Diversity Inclusion and Global Innovation Award from the YMCA of Central Massachusetts, the parent organization of the Tri-Community YMCA in Southbridge.

Rivas coordinates the activities of the after-school program, which runs at the elementary and middle school levels. Students in Southbridge who are enrolled in the 21st Century after-school program experience a variety of enriching activities and events through the program.

Rivas volunteers her time in the community for a variety of programs and organizations that benefit the youth of Southbridge. Southbridge Public Schools is glad to have her as the District Coordinator for the 21st Century Program.

The 21st Century after-school program in Southbridge Public Schools is federally funded through the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant Program. The purpose of the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant Program is to support the implementation of additional learning time through out-of-school time (OST) programming and/or through an expanded day referred to as Expanded Learning (ELT). Programming is designed to help close proficiency/opportunity gaps, increase student engagement, support social and emotional learning, and promote college and career readiness and success.


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