Bus Information

Please note: Some keywords have been added near the routes listed below to help you find your bus route. The keywords below are not a total list of stops on each route. Please click on the link to find the routes and pick up times that apply to your family to see all the information you need, even if you see your road listed in the keywords list. 

Southbridge Middle High School Bus Routes:

North, Crystal, etc. 
Main, Cross, Pine, etc.
Hamilton, Pine, Marcy, etc. 
Worcester, Henry, etc. 
Lebanon Hill, Elm, Durfee, Marsh, Alpine, etc. 
Sunnyhill, Brentwood, Morris, N. Woodstock, etc. 
Dennison Dr/Ln/Crossing, Hill, Crestview, etc. 
South, Oakes, Water, West, etc. 
Old Sturbridge, Roosevelt, Idlewood, Cliff, Fiske, Paige Hill, Twine Hurst, etc.
Dresser, Chapin, Marcy, Hartwell, etc. 
Dresser, Chapin, Marcy, Hartwell, Pinedale, Oak, Glover, Poplar, Litchfield, etc.
Pleasant, River, Hillcrest, Clemence Hill, etc. 
Worcester, Vinton, etc. 
Hamilton at Oliver, Hill, Main, etc.
Charlton, Vinton, Jerome, Harrington, etc. 
Crescent, LaPiere, Cedar, Laurel Hill, Mechanic, Violet, etc. 
Everett, Cohasse, Oak Ridge, Coombs, etc. 
Ashland, Tillyer, Ellis, Old Dudley, Brookside Village, etc. 
Mechanic at Rose, Guelphwood, Denfield, etc. 

Eastford Road Elementary School Bus Routes:

N. Woodstock, Tillyer, Brookside Terrace, Coombs, Maria, Apollo, Morris, etc. 
Charlton, Torrey, Guelphwood, Central, Worcester,etc. 
Main, River, Hamilton, Elm, etc. 
South, Dresser, Marcy, Cole, Poplar, Beech, etc. 
Twinehust, Paige Hill, Idlewood, Old Sturbridge, South, Dennison Dr/Rd/Crossing, etc. 
Mechanic, Worcester, North, Elm, Everett, Lebanon Hill, Alpine, Etc. 

Charlton Street Elementary School Bus Routes:

Main, N. Woodstock, Ashland, Brookside Village, etc. 
Paige Hill, Pleasant, River, Idlewood, Old Sturbridge, South, Newell, Poplar, etc.
Main, Maple, Coombs, Morris, Maria, Apollo, Newell, Poplar, etc 

West Street Elementary School Bus Routes:

Charlton, Guelphwood, Worcester, North, Mechanic, Vinton, South
Elm, Dresser, Marcy, Eastford, Dennison Dr/Ln/Crossing, Idlewood, Old Sturbridge, etc. 
Main, N. Woodstock, Lebanon Hill, Elm, Brookside Terrace, Coombs, etc. 

21st Century After School Program Bus Routes By Day:

School Assignment By Address & Grade:

Please note: See individual bus routes listed above for transportation information for your family. If you have a question about the street lists below please contact us at communications@southbridgepublic.org

Pre-K, Kindergarten & First Grade: 

 Eastford Road School, townwide

Grades 2 through 5:

Charlton Street School or West Street School.

Grades 6 through 8:

 Southbridge Middle School, townwide

Grades 9 through 12:

Southbridge High School, townwide

Eastford Road School

120 Eastford Road

tel: 508-764-5460 fax: 508-764-5495

Southbridge High School

132 Torrey Road

tel: 508-764-5450 fax: 774-318-1687

Southbridge Public Schools

Central Office

132 Torrey Road

Southbridge, MA 01550


West Street Elementary School

156 West Street

tel: 508-764-5470 fax: 508-764-5493

Southbridge Middle School

132 Torrey Road

tel: 508-764-5450 fax: 774-318-1684

Southbridge Academy

25 Cole Avenue

tel: 508-764-5415 ext. 103

Charlton Street Elementary School

220 Charlton Street

tel: 508-764-5475 fax: 508-764-5491

Equal Opportunity Employer Statement

Southbridge Public Schools is committed to maintaining a work and learning environment free from discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, gender identity, disability, religion, age, or sexual orientation.

Title IX Compliance Officer - Dr. Margo Ferrick, 132 Torrey Road, (508) 764-5415 ext. 416

Section 504 Compliance Office - Karen Giangregorio, 25 Cole Avenue, (508) 764-5414 ext. 418