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Special Education Contacts

  Karen Giangregorio     Deanna Martinez  
  Director of Student Services     Administrative Assistant to the Director  
Records Access Officer 
    Special Ed. Transportation Coordinator  
  DCF Point of Contact     508-764-5414,  x415  
  Homeless Liaison     [email protected]  
  508-764-5414 x418        
  774-601-0260 - cell        
  508-764-3181 fax        
  [email protected]        
  Jennifer Cowles     Katrika Joseph-James  
  Elementary Special Education Supervisor     Elementary Special Education Supervisor  
  Charlton Street School     Eastford Road Elementary School   
  Eastford Road School PASS Classrooms     508-164-5470  
  508-764-5475 - CSS     [email protected]  
  508-764-5460- ERS        
  [email protected]        
  Jeff Crouteau     Shanna Haire Boucher  
  Secondary Special Education Supervisor     Secondary and Elementary Special Education Supervisor  
  Southbridge High School      Southbridge Middle School  
  Southbridge Middle School PASS Classrooms  
West Street School
  Work Experience Program      774-318-1595 - SMS  
  774-318-1586     508-764-5470 - WSS   
      [email protected]  
  Alexandra (Sandy) Santa  
Yvonne Torres
  Administrative Assistant     Administrative Assistant  
  Elementary Schools     Secondary Schools  
  508-764-5475 - CSS     508-164-5414 ext. 405  
  508-764-5460 - ERS     Ytorres2@southbridgepublic.org  
  [email protected]        
  Lynn Morin        
  District Wilson Reading Teacher        
  508-764-5414 x 415        
   [email protected]