Southbridge Middle School Features a Teacher and Veteran


Southbridge Middle School, along with all of the schools in our district, has several veterans among its staff. Here, Southbridge Middle School features James Pawlowski, a 7th grade Special Education teacher at the middle school. Thank you to James, and all of the veterans in the Southbridge Public Schools community, for your service. 


What is your job title/job at Southbridge Public Schools?


I am a Special Education Teacher in the 7th grade at Southbridge Middle School.


How long have you worked in the district? 


This is my second year in the district.


When did you serve in the Coast Guard and for how long?


I served 4 years in the Coast Guard from 2005-2009.  I spent time in the Great Lakes at a small boat search and rescue station in Sturgeon Bay, WI., and the Atlantic Ocean in North Carolina on a patrol boat doing drug/law enforcement and fisheries patrols making sure people were not violating resources like fish and scallops.


What was your job in the military?  


I was a Boatswain’s Mate.  I worked on the boats and did all the navigation with nautical charts.  This is like “GPS” for driving on water. When I was on the patrol boat, I was telling the captain where to steer the boat.


I had a great time in the Coast Guard, and I learned responsibility and discipline that helped me in other careers like in Education.  Also, because I served in the military, I received an educational grant to go to college.  I was able to get most of my college paid for up to a Master’s degree!  It is a great benefit for those who serve.


How do you feel about working in Southbridge Public Schools?


I love working in Southbridge.  I am part of a great educational team that is making progress with a great body of students every day.  My favorite part of my job is when I see a student become confident in their learning who was not confident before.  There is an attitude to “want to learn,” and when students see their progress they gain confidence.  It is my job to show them their progress so they can gain this confidence.